The Moment of Truth

Finally! The moment to win free prizes and gifts in Pakistan is here. Today, the team of Laggao Boli is proud to announce the names of its lucky winners; the names that will go down in history as the very first people who won exciting gadgets by simply playing a game at Watch how their dreams have come true merely by bidding for the latest free gifts of their choice. We asked them to think of a unique and lowest bid number; so they did and now they are enjoying wonderful free gifts from us. has a range of exciting and latest products that are open for bidding by everyone from everywhere in Pakistan. There is no age limit; anyone can try out for the product of their choice and dreams. Each week we try to add exciting new stuff to our list to make the bidding process more interesting and intriguing for all of you. And thus, our very first lucky winners have experienced this excitement; you can too, if you just log in to, register your name, select an item and bid. It is as simple as that; there is no rocket science to it.

If you want to make things more sizzling, invite all of your friends to the website too. Not only will you get free bids in return, you will also enter the race to win more products with your friend. So don’t wait and don’t forget that you also have a chance to win free prizes and gifts in Pakistan!!!

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Win Free Prizes and Gifts in Pakistan

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Bid & Win Free Gifts in Pakistan –

Win Free Prizes and Gifts in Pakistan. is definitely the new rage that has hit like a storm and has taken the fancy of both men and women, young and old. So you want to know how you can easily and conveniently win the latest and top rated gadgets while sitting in your home? Would you like to learn the secret of how many Pakistanis all over the country have been receiving free gifts containing laptops, mobile Phones, PSPs, UPS and even a free Motorcycle? If you do, then here is it is; simply type into an internet source and get ready to witness a portal filled with desirable gifts in Pakistan.

To put it briefly, the team of Laggao Boli is offering an equal chance to millions of people across the country to come forward, bid and win thousands of free gifts in Pakistan. If you are thinking you will have to bid like in an auction, then you couldn’t be more wrong. This is a revolutionary kind of bidding in which you merely have to play an exciting game of guessing a unique number and anything you set your eyes on could be yours.

Once you enter the website, you will need to register your name in order to make an account. This step takes only a few moments. You will be able to see your account status at the top right corner of your screen. This status will reveal the number of free bid tokens that will be given to you at the beginning. Scroll through the gift prizes and pick one of your choice. Below the product you will be able to see a bid range. While staying within this range, you will have to select the lowest but a unique number which no one else has entered and then bid.

The winners for each product will then be announced shortly through the website and a phone call. You can bid as many times as you want for each product to increase your chances of winning. If you run out of bids, you can have more. You can either pay through an Easy Paisa or UBL Omni branch or you can get them for free by referring friends and friends of friends to the website. For every referral you get another bid which means another chance to have a new Laptop or a Mobile Phone.

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Win a Free Motorcycle in Pakistan

A motorcycle is a good mode of transport in areas hit by heavy traffic like all the major and main cities of Pakistan. Moreover with the fuel costs rising, it is wise to complete the errands and the last minute shopping on motorcycle which is fuel efficient. But buying a motorcycle is not something that everyone can aim for easily which is why has started a wonderful scheme through which anyone from anywhere can win new and latest products as free gifts in Pakistan. From this website you will also get a chance to win a free motorcycle and when you have won that, perhaps you can aim at other items they have like free mobile phone, free PSP and free laptop.

Win Free Motorcycle in Pakistan

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Win Free Play Station Portable (PSP) in Pakistan

Did you hear that you could win free gifts in Pakistan and all you have to do is bid for them? But it’s not like our usual bidding where you bid the highest amount and then you pay for it. has introduced a new way to bid and win free PSP along with free mobile phone, free motorcycle, free laptop and other cool items. It is a simple game that you can enjoy playing and at the same time be able to win free Play Station Portable for absolutely no cost. For more details on how to bid, log on to the website and have a chance to win before others do.

Win Free PSP in Pakistan


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Win Free Samsung Mobile in Pakistan brings forth an exciting opportunity to bid and win a Samsung mobile of your choice. From other free gifts available, like free PSP, free laptop, also offers Samsung mobiles as free gifts in Pakistan. Where else would you find the opportunity to simply bid and win one of the hottest new products in town? All you have to do is think of a lowest, yet unique number to bid and then wait to find out that you are the lucky winner. It is as simple as that!  This is a unique opportunity to bid and win free gifts in Pakistan, so don’t miss it.

Win Free Mobile Phone in Pakistan


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Win Free UPS in Pakistan

A free UPS in the scorching heat of the summer months and that too in Pakistan where the thing known as electricity is diminishing day by day, seems like the biggest wish that has come true. And where miracles do take place but scarcely, here is a method with which anyone can have their wish of a free UPS come alive. If you don’t believe me, go to and witness people receiving free gifts in Pakistan everyday; free gifts that people want and crave for like free laptop, free PSP, free mobile phone and of course free UPS. Distributing free gifts in Pakistan is an innovation brought to you only by to bring excitement in the overall grim situation of the country. So what do you say? Are you up to bid and win free gifts?

Win Free UPS in Pakistan

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